Travel schedule

For ease of reference, these are my plans for (future and recent past) seminar talks and travel, mainly to conferences and workshops. I will try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Archive of my travel schedule from previous years

January 11-12 University of Toronto; colloquium January 11.
January 21-22 UCSD; colloquium January 21.
February 1-26 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, to visit the Geometric Structures on 3-manifolds program. Workshop on Augmentations and Legendrians at the IAS February 11-12.
February 19 Symplectic geometry, gauge theory, and categorification seminar, Columbia.
February 25 Topology seminar, Princeton.
February 26 PATCH seminar, Temple.
March 21-25 Interactions of Gauge Theory with Contact and Symplectic Topology in Dimensions 3 and 4 workshop, Banff International Research Station.
April 18-19 University of Oregon; Colloquium April 18, Topology/Geometry Seminar April 19.
November 7-11 Homological mirror symmetry: methods and structures workshop, Institute for Advanced Study.

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