Henry Adams


I am interested in applied algebraic topology, computational topology, and combinatorial topology. I am a member of the John Harer Group.

Here is my PhD thesis, a related research highlight, and my research statement.


  The Vietoris-Rips Complexes of a Circle.
With Michał Adamaszek.
[arXiv:1503.03669, Abstract, Slides, Poster]

  Nerve Complexes of Circular Arcs.
With Michał Adamaszek, Florian Frick, Chris Peterson, and Corrine Previte-Johnson.
[arXiv:1410.4336, Abstract]

  Nudged Elastic Band in Topological Data Analysis.
With Atanas Atanasov and Gunnar Carlsson.
To appear in Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis (2015).
[arXiv:1112.1993, Abstract, Slides, Software, Javadoc, Data]

  Evasion Paths in Mobile Sensor Networks.
With Gunnar Carlsson.
International Journal of Robotics Research 34 (2014), 90-104.
[Publisher Website, PDF of Paper, Abstract, Slides, Poster, Talk Video, Multimedia]

  On the Nonlinear Statistics of Range Image Patches.
With Gunnar Carlsson.
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 2 (2009), 110-117.
[Publisher Website, PDF of Paper, Abstract, Data]

Conference Proceedings

  JavaPlex: A Research Software Package for Persistent (Co)Homology.
With Andrew Tausz and Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson.
Proceedings of ICMS 2014, Han Hong and Chee Yap (Eds), LNCS 8592 (2014), 129-136.
Software available at http://appliedtopology.github.io/javaplex/.
[Publisher Website, Abstract]

Software Tutorials