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Help for Students in First-year Courses

The assistance that is described in this document is organized as follows:

  1. Math Department's Help Room.
  2. Individual Tutoring Provided by the Peer Tutoring Program.
  3. Private Tutoring.
  4. Individual Tutoring Provided by the Athletic Department.


Help Room

The Mathematics Department operates several "Help Rooms" to provide help to students in first-year courses. In all of these Help Rooms students are invited to drop in whenever it's open. No appointment is necessary.

Summer: The summer term Help Room is available to students in all summer math courses. The Help Room is open for several hours a day, Monday through Friday, and is staffed by course assistants. Please check the complete Summer Help Room schedules, below, for specific hours and dates of operation.  (Be sure to check the dates to confirm that these pages have been updated for the current summer!)

Summer Term 1 Help Room

Summer Term 2 Help Room

Fall and spring semesters: All teachers and lab assistants in Math 105L, Math 106L, Math 111L, Math 112L, and Math 122L participate in the Help Room. The Math 202/212 Help Room and Math 221 Help Room are staffed by tutors hired by the Math Department. The schedules are listed below.

Feedback:  Do you have feedback for the Mathematics Department about any of the Help Rooms?  If so, please use the form at the link below.  Your thoughtful and constructive comments will be much appreciated.

Feedback Form for all Help Rooms

Operational Policies:

  • The Fire Marshal limit on attendance in Carr 132 is 20.  It is rare that so many students would be in the room at once, but if attendance is at that level when you arrive, you might have to wait.  Help Room staffers are asked to make sure that the numbers in the room stay within those required limits.

    When it is that busy, we ask that students stay in the Help Room only if they have immediate questions.  If you are working on your homework and concerned that you might have a question later, please let waiting students have access to the room, and then you can return if/when you find another question.

  • Please do not take chairs from nearby rooms.  There should already be sufficient seating in the Help Room appropriate to the above Fire Marshal limit.

Help Room Schedule Spring 2016
"L" Courses
1-10 p.m. M,T,W,Th (see note below) 132 Carr Building Hour-by-hour
6-10 p.m. Sun
Math 202, 212 7-10 p.m. Sun,T,W Carr 137 Hour-by-hour
Math 221
7-10 p.m.
M, Th
These Help Rooms will begin on Tuesday January 19, 2016, and operate through Wednesday May 4 (tentatively) -- except that they will be closed Sunday March 13 through Sunday March 20 for Spring Break; and Wednesday April 27 for LDOC.  On Wednesday February 17 these Help Rooms will close at 8:00pm for the Duke/UNC game.

      Peer Tutoring Program

      All students at Duke are eligible to receive individual tutoring, provided by the Peer Tutoring Program at no charge. To apply for a tutor a student should refer to the Peer Tutoring website,, and apply on-line. After completing the on-line form, the student should print it out, take it to the class instructor for the instructor's signature, and then return it to the Peer Tutoring office.

      Private Tutoring

      Each semester there are a number of graduate and undergraduate students who wish to work as private tutors. As a service to students seeking private tutors, the Math Department keeps a list on file of tutors who have registered with the Department.  (Note, by putting the name of an individual on the list, the Math Department is not endorsing or recommending that individual.)

      The current list of these tutors is available here.

      Note that if you hire a private tutor, the price must be negotiated by you and the prospective tutor.

      Assistance Provided by the Athletic Department

      Student-athletes can arrange for private tutoring through the office of Brad Berndt, 684-2120, ext. 230, or Jacki Silar, 684-4685.

      ph:  919.660.2800
      fax: 919.660.2821

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